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The Folk of Myersville

So hi everyone! I know its been a minute. I tend to do that alot, leave and come back. But I always do come back! And Im happy to be back. Here is a mass Bailey’s post cause I’ve forgetten any of the stories I had set up for these. Basically just elders merping along and Violet having her first love! So happy to be back at home with my simblr community!

So we leave you with Mason’s toddler cuteness. He looks a lot like his dad but he has a lot of Nya’s features as well! These 3 have had a pretty good round! Till next time!

Happy 1st Birthday Mason!

I hate how fast baby’s grow up! Mason’s been a really good one though. To toddler life we go!

So cute.

Wyatt came home with a promotion and got to meet his son!

Welcome to the world little Mason Jones!

Of course Wyatt went to work as Nya was giving birth.

The moment has arrived and even the gardener felt the need to come and watch.

TBone enjoys fighting with other little dogs….tsk tsk. Thats just not right, he obviously has the advantage!

Nya goes to wrap her arms around her new sister-in-law Nicki but she just leans away and rattles something off about having a cold. Nya suspects it might have something to do with Nicki’s very recent miscarriage and her being pregnant. The evening ends soon after this, Nicki was complaining she felt bad and needed to leave. So much for a family bonding evening…

Hi. My name is Victoria, Im 20. I've loved the sims ever since I can remember. This is a blog dedicated to the lives of my sims. Whenever I make a family, they always have stories and this is where I share their stories with people that will enjoy them. Follow me to follow their life stories. I only follow other simblrs back, but feel free to add my personal.

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