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The Folk of Myersville


But the simblr community gets a lot of those from me, so what’s one more! Can sims auto first woohoo with ACR? I’m waiting for Gemma and Luciano to!

Nya has been thrilled about food lately and maybe its the pregnancy but Wyatt has really stepped up as a husband. He’s come such a long way from that naive city kid he was when Nya first met him. He cooks Nya almost every meal now a days, cleans and is setting up the nursery!

Pop #2! Though I dont think plaid is very uhm…flattering for you Nya.

Though soon there will be a little baby in the house, Nya cant forget about her first baby. TBone. She took awhile to warm up to him but he’s such a ham once she did.

Soon to be parent’s getting in their last few couple naps :p

Wyatt’s pretty excited to be a dad. Yes, Wyatt thats EXACTLY how this happened.

Yay! Go Wyatt for 4k and logic!

We return to Wyatt and Nya Jones and literally seconds into entering the lot, Nya pops! They’re going to have their first little one!

This is the last post for this round. The cat became an elder, finally! And as usual his name escapes me. I find elders REALLY dull to play, so these updates should be interesting lol.

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