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The Folk of Myersville

Kai Purser and her daughter Ayasha Purser. Just moved to Myersville in search for a new life. Kai grew up living on an American Indian reservation. She grew up sheltered from the “white men”. Her father was conservative along with her mother, they never went out and did anything, they just stayed on the reservation and worked their. Kai met a much older man that brought things to the tribe, a white man. And when she was just barely 17, she fell in love with him. The man soon father Kai’s child and though she tried to hide it, she eventually starting showing. Her parents found out and demanded to know who the father was, Kai told them. They were so disappointed. She had tainted the bloodline and to them there was no worse dishonor. The chief found out and Kai was kicked out of the reservation. Luckily, the father of her child took her in, about two months later Ayasha was born. She lived happily with her child and this man, until Ayasha was about 7 when the man died from a heart attack. He left everything to Kai and Ayasha, his whole life savings. So, the took that money and moved to a small mainly Indian town. Until, they tribe found out and sent Kai’s parents to tell her to leave, go even further away. So, Ayasha and her moved to Myersville. Ayasha is quiet, but bold and creative, she believes in peace and free love, she has a a dream to be an artist. Kai on the other hand wants Ayasha to go back to the reservation and beg to be let in, to find an man and to marry. Hmm, what will the future bring? Meeting a member of a crime riddled family? Perhaps falling in love? Or settling down with a good Indian boy?

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Hi. My name is Victoria, Im 20. I've loved the sims ever since I can remember. This is a blog dedicated to the lives of my sims. Whenever I make a family, they always have stories and this is where I share their stories with people that will enjoy them. Follow me to follow their life stories. I only follow other simblrs back, but feel free to add my personal.

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